Lithuanian Society of Genealogy and Heraldry program

Adopted at the first republican LSGH meeting,

1. Popularisation of genealogy, dissemination of genealogical information, promotion of interest in family history.
2. Compilation of genealogy database, its digitalisation and publication, development of databank in Internet.
3. Sponsorship of genealogic amateur and professional meetings and incentives, defence and representation of professional interests, exchange of experience and knowledge.
4. Taking care of archive preservation.
5. Cooperation with science institutions and archives, state and public organizations of historical/cultural/educational context by participating in their projects and programs.
6. Cooperation with churches on issues or archive preservation and accounting, information accumulation about the collections of the historical-genealogical documents of churches, museums and private persons.
7. Cooperation with similar organizations in foreign countries.
8. Organizing of seminars and conferences.
9. Issue of publications of genealogical character.
10. Consultations on genealogical issues.
11. Representation of the society interests:
By initiating the law amendments facilitating the access to the data of genealogical character;
By initiating the preparation of normative acts including the work regulations of state archives and their libraries and their amendments, removing the obstacles to obtain and to investigate the genealogical sources;
By addressing to the Ministry of Finance on inclusion of the genealogical research into the list of individual occupations;
By coordinating and representing the interests of genealogists at state institutions;
By submitting the information about the services of the Society members at the LSGH Internet web site.

2007-02-05, Vilnius

There are changes in Lithuanian version


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